October 4, 2022
Cheetah In India: Cheetahs have come to Kuno National Park, let’s know some interesting information about cheetahs

Cheetah Facts: Cheetahs became extinct in India in the year 1952. But now once again the roar of cheetahs will be heard in the country. Yes, 8 cheetahs have come to the Kuno National Park in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. These cheetahs have been brought from Namibia. Which PM Modi left in the National Park on his birthday. Out of these 8 cheetahs, 5 are female cheetahs and 3 are male cheetahs. Out of which 2 male leopards are real brothers. All these cheetahs have a very good friendship. They also go out together to hunt. In this episode, let us tell you some interesting things related to cheetah.

Some interesting facts about Cheetah
Some interesting facts about Cheetah

  • The average lifespan of a male cheetah is 10-12 years. Whereas the maximum age of female cheetah is 14-15 years. That is, the average lifespan of a male cheetah is less than that of a female cheetah.
  • Male cheetahs can live in the wild for only about 8 years. Because living in the forests is very difficult for these cheetahs. In fact, most cheetahs die fighting each other. At the same time, some cheetahs get injured due to which disease surrounds them.
  • Famous for running at high speed, the cheetah can run at a speed of 110 kilometers per hour.
  • At present, there are only 7000 cheetahs left in 17 countries in the whole world. Of which the largest number of cheetahs are currently in the savanna of South Africa.
  • The female cheetah is separated from her mate after mating. The most difficult time for a female cheetah is pregnancy. Because during this time he has to hunt alone in the forest.
  • The gestation period of a pregnant female cheetah is 90 days.
  • A female cheetah can give birth to 2-5 cheetahs at a time. After giving birth, the female cheetah has to raise the young alone. For them, along with going out on the hunt, the children also have to be protected from dangerous animals and predators.
  • The friendship of a female cheetah is not the quickest. Male cheetahs form their gangs much sooner than them. These male cheetahs live in a herd only.
  • The cheetah, which is counted in the cat family, is such an animal, which is a dangerous and very big animal.

Cheetah (Photo – Social Media)

  • Cheetah’s speed is very fast, but cheetahs do not roar like lions and tigers.
  • Yes, cheetahs growl and hiss like cats. Often many cheetahs have also been seen barking.
  • Cheetah’s eyes can detect its prey from a distance. Because cheetah has the ability to see many miles away. In fact, cheetahs have a stabilization system in their eyes. Due to which the cheetah can see far away.
  • But it is very difficult for cheetahs to see at night. In fact, the condition of cheetahs in the night time becomes similar to that of humans. Due to this habit, cheetahs hunt in the morning and afternoon.
  • A cheetah has a very big heart. Bigger than a lion who looks like you. Research has shown that the heart of a cheetah is three and a half times larger than that of a lion. For this reason, the cheetah takes in plenty of oxygen while running.
  • Cheetahs are not able to climb trees easily. Cheetahs have a lot of trouble climbing trees.
  • The cheetah can jump up to 7 meters in height, that is, such a long jump. In just one minute, he can make four jumps like 7 meters long.

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