October 3, 2022
Chhattisgarh Accident Today: The country was shaken by the horrific road accident in Chhattisgarh, 7 people died painfully

Chhattisgarh Road Accident Today: Seven people were killed and three were injured when a bus rammed into a parked trailer near Madai Ghat in Chhattisgarh’s Korba district on Monday.

Seven people were killed and three were injured when a bus rammed into a parked trailer vehicle near Madai Ghat in Korba district. The incident happened around 4 in the morning. The injured are admitted in the hospital. This information was given by SP Korba Santosh Singh. Police said that the incident happened in the early hours of Monday. He said the incident happened around 4 am. The injured have been admitted to the local hospital.

According to the information received, the sleeper luxury bus of Royals Transport left from Raipur for Renukoot late at night. Around 4 am, it collided with a trailer parked on the roadside near Madai on NH-130 in Pauri Upeda, Korba. The collision was so strong that the luxury bus was blown up. A part of the bus was completely damaged. People were sleeping soundly at the time of the accident. As soon as the collision happened, there was screaming.

Local people immediately informed the police about the accident, after which relief and rescue work was started. All the injured were sent by ambulance to the local sub health centre. From there the seriously injured were referred to the district hospital, Korba. 6 people died on the spot in the accident. Another child died in the hospital during treatment.

According to Superintendent of Police Santosh Singh, a total of seven people have died in the accident. Including two children and two women. There are three people injured. Two of them are in critical condition and one is seriously injured. However, some media reports put the number of injured at more than 12. The cause of the accident is not yet known. It is believed that due to the excessive speed of the bus, its balance must have deteriorated and the vehicle collided with the trailer parked on the roadside. However, the truth will come out only after investigation.

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