October 5, 2022
Cyber ​​Fraud: Fraud is happening through fake WhatsApp profile, know how to avoid it

Cyber FraudIn the name of Adar Poonawalla, CEO of Serum Institute of India, a company making Corona vaccine, a huge amount was taken from the officer of his own company. A director of SII became a victim of cyber fraud. On WhatsApp, a person, describing himself as Adar, asked the victim to transfer Rs 1 crore. Poonawalla’s photo was in his profile pic and the number was also the same. So without delay, director Satish Deshpande transferred Rs 1 crore to the bank account.

After transferring the money, he realized that he had become a victim of online fraud. Earlier, attempts have been made to cheat through WhatsApp in the name of Tina Dabi, DM of Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan and well-known IAS officer. The officer from whom the fraud was attempted turned out to be cunning and realized it in time. As a result, the police arrested the accused thug from another district.

How is cheating done?

Cyber ​​criminals are cheating junior government employees and common people by using photographs of high profile people. In Jharkhand, this work is being carried out using the profile photos of the state police chiefs to the judges of the High Court. Taking this seriously, the government had issued an advisory recently, asking to avoid such fraud.

This is how the fraud is carried out – a person’s new WhatsApp profile is created using his picture available in the public domain. The fraudster usually starts the message with a friendly greeting, asking for one’s well being and then citing his presence in a meeting with low connectivity, demanding immediate money transfer.

How to avoid cheating

If someone receives such a message on WhatsApp and even if the profile picture is of someone you know, always check the phone number and check if you recognize it as the person you interact with. If the number is different, be careful not to interact with it and contact the person who is most likely being impersonated. If you become a victim of cyber crime then immediately register a complaint on the portal http://cybercrime.gov.in.

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