October 3, 2022
Dancer Death Video: 20 year old girl got heart attack while dancing, people kept clapping

Dancer Death Video: Just 20 years old girl dies of heart attack while dancing in Jagran’s program in Jammu. People initially considered the incident of the girl falling as a part of the dance, it is clearly visible in the viral video that the girl is dancing on the stage to the tune of Om Namah Shivaya and is going round and round. She sits, bends and straightens, but the second time she bends, she can not get up again. The irony is that when she is struggling for life, people are thinking of her as a part of the dance. It calms down then the young man playing the character of Shiva comes and then the program ends.

Earlier, Ravi, who was dancing in the role of Hanuman in Mainpuri, UP, fell unconscious and died on the spot. For some time no one could understand whether this was acting or something else. The person is stumbling by acting as Hanuman, he feels something uneasy, he walks on the stage from one side to the other and then falls on the ground while returning in the same uneasy condition. Once he raises his head and looks around and then falls silent.

Similarly, the video of a woman falling on the ground while dancing on DJ in Mathura Govardhan became fiercely viral on social media. Viral video is being told of Giriraj Parikrama Marg during Mudiya Mela. The woman who fell on the ground while dancing is said to be a resident of Toda Bhima, Rajasthan. The person who made the video viral has claimed the death of the woman.

A young man had died after falling while dancing in a hotel under Premnagar police station area of ​​Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh. When he too fell while dancing, at first people thought that the person was acting, but when he gave voice to him and he did not get up. Then there was a stir. The happy atmosphere suddenly turned gloomy. The family took him to the hospital where doctors declared him brought dead. The name of this youth was Prabhat Kumar (45). He was Technical Assistant in the Department of Genetics at IVRI. He attended the birthday party and while dancing in the party suddenly sat down and lay down. People could not understand whether he was acting or there was some problem. When there is no movement even after giving voice, then he will be taken to the hospital soon. There the doctors declared him brought dead.

Youth dies while dancing on DJ in Madhya Pradesh

In May 2022, an 18-year-old youth died while dancing on a DJ in Madhya Pradesh. He was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment where he was declared brought dead. He was Vikram, a resident of Ambodia village. Who had come to Ujjain for his friend’s wedding. He was dancing on the DJ in the procession, during the dance he drank water and he started dancing again, but after some time he suddenly fell and did not get up again.

After the death of this young man, a clot was found in the post-mortem heart. The doctor had said that the young man probably died due to the loud sound of the DJ. Due to excessive noise, the body becomes abnormal, which has a bad effect on the body. Therefore, loud noises should be avoided. It is seen here that after corona, the incidence of heart attack and heart failure has increased among the youth.

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