September 30, 2022
Janpath Market in Delhi: Janpath Market best place to shop in Delhi, buy unique items here

Janpath Market in Delhi: There are many benefits of living in the national capital Delhi but the best among them is street shopping in Delhi. Yes, people from far and wide come to Delhi to shop. Janpath Market Street in Connaught Place, Delhi is one of the best places to shop. From shopping here to enjoying the delicious local cuisine, there is a lot to do here. Janpath Market is divided into two types. One is the roadside store and the other is Janpath Street Market. So think not at all, if you are planning to do shopping in Delhi, then reach Janpath Street Market. Here you will find more than one unique item.

Here we bring you 5 unique things, which you will find yourself extremely satisfied after buying.

1. Women’s mess jhala

If you love jewellery, then you must visit Janpath. You can buy earrings, artificial silver jewellery, unique brass neck and hand chains and a variety of bohemian jewellery. Along with this, artificial wedding jewelery will also be available at the most unique and right prices.

2. Handbags on a Budget

You will get to see more than one variety of bags in Janpath Market. Meaning that you can also buy the bag of your choice from here. Like from here you can buy all different types of bags like everyday use bags, jhola, bundles, sling bags and clutches.

3. Beautifully Designed Dresses

Coming to Janpath Market, you will be so happy shopping for clothes and shoes that your footsteps will again and again drag you towards Janpath Market. Here you can buy Indian, Western, Short Dress, Long Dress, Chicken Means all types of clothes.

4. Scarves That Glow

Although you will like many things in Janpath Market, but if anything comes apart from them, then it is heart-robbing beautiful dupattas. Yes, here you will easily find all types of dupattas made of zari, cotton, chiffon. Many designs are made on these dupattas with hand embroidery and mirror work. Which you will definitely like.

5. Home Decor

Yes, if you are looking for some very unique items to give a new look or decoration to your home, then do not delay and go to Janpath Market. Here at Janpath Market you will find a variety of handicrafts, vibrant dreamcatchers in various forms, lanterns, tapestries and lots of bronze and brass artefacts, specimens. Also here you can buy both contemporary and antique furnishings. You can bring these items to your home at cheap prices.

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