September 25, 2022
Delhi Viral Video: Female SI slaps her father-in-law, Delhi Police keeps watching

Delhi Viral Video: A video of a woman thrashing an elderly man in front of the police is becoming increasingly viral on social media. After the investigation of the case, the woman who rained slaps on the elderly is posted in Delhi Police as Sub Inspector and Defense Colony. The elderly man seen in the video is none other than Lady SI’s elder. The court battle is going on with the in-laws side of the female SI. After the video surfaced, Delhi Police has registered a case against Lady Sub Inspector.

This video of the assault is becoming quite viral on social media. People’s comments are also coming on this. Most of the people are expressing anger over the treatment of their elderly father-in-law by the female SI and demanding strict action against them.

what is the whole matter

The incident is said to have happened on Sunday. The mother of the female SI had come to the father-in-law’s house in Laxmi Nagar along with a policeman. Before the fight between the two, there is a heated argument between the mother of the sub-inspector and the elder. During the argument, the elderly woman pushes the SI’s mother, on which the lady sub-inspector gets furious and then slaps her elderly father-in-law. During this, the policeman present there tries hard to stop this, but he fails in this. The video of this entire incident is captured in the CCTV camera installed in the house, the footage of which is now going viral on social media.

Elder accuses daughter-in-law of harassing her

A 64-year-old man says that his daughter-in-law harassed and beats him for two years by showing his police power. The elder has accused his daughter-in-law and her mother of vandalizing the house on Sunday. Delhi Police has registered a case against the accused woman SI under section 323/427 of IPC.

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