October 3, 2022
Famous Bars in Delhi: These are the best bars to spend quality time in Delhi, you will not know when the hours of sitting alone will pass.

Delhi Best Bars: Delhi doesn’t have the glitz and glamor of Bollywood stars like Mumbai, but it’s all about enjoying mind-blowing beers and luscious cocktails here. Night outs, parties are common in Delhi. Now if the talk of night out is going on, then on this point let us tell you about some famous bars of Delhi. Where you can spend hours alone in music and low light.

famous bars in delhi
Famous Bars in Delhi

The Library Bar- Leela Palace

This is a beautiful place to enjoy a drink in Delhi-NCR. This rooftop bar is totally different from the rest. Here you can also enjoy a cigar with your drink. Here, at The Library Bar, you can choose from 240 wine and champagne labels.

side bar

The side bar is at Greater Kailash 2. It is a heaven-like place for those people who like to drink delicious food along with drinking alcohol. Connoisseurs of the good life come here for cocktails and live performances.

Famous Bars of Delhi (Photo – Social Media)

Whiskey Samba

If you ever find yourself amidst the glitz and glamor of Gurugram, Whiskey Samba is the best place to have a drink. It’s a great feeling for party-seekers to indulge in drinks and quality time with yummy snacks with friends.


It is really a wonderful thing to have a good time in this relaxed atmosphere with furnishings. Situated in Sunder Nagar, the bar is not only one of the best places for drinks but also known for delicious food.

polo lounge

Polo Lounge A place where you can spend your evenings relaxing. Polo Lounge is located in Hyatt Regency Delhi. This is the kind of place you would want to go to dress up well upto date. Big parties can be organized here. If you like fish then you must try salmon here.

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