September 30, 2022
Greenest Cities in India: If there is a plan to go to the greenest plains, then go to these cities with the most greenery in India

Greenest Cities in India: Who does not like green places? Before planning any trip, we are impressed by the scenic view of the place. The lush green valleys, the high mountains, the chirping of birds gives a lot of relief from the daily running life. In such a situation, if you are also interested in visiting the greenest places of India, then let us tell you about the greenest places in India.

Greenest places in India
Most Greenery Cities in India

Mysore, Karnataka

Undoubtedly, Mysore is the greenest city in India. Mysore has gardens, lush green tall trees, roads, waterfalls and lakes. In addition, the city of Mysore is famous for its efficient drainage and sewage system. The city is not only nicknamed the ‘Green City’, it is also known as a green and clean city, thus making it one of the most livable cities in India.

Bangalore, Karnataka

It is true that wherever you look in Bangalore you will see trees. Although the city may have one of the worst traffic in the country, but if we look at a positive turn, the clump of trees lined up will give you company as if in a lonely road. Cubbon Park in Bangalore is one of the most beautiful urban parks in India.

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Mumbai, despite being one of the most populous cities in the world, was recognized as the 2021 Tree City of the World by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Arbor Day Foundation earlier this year. Mumbai shares this belief with Hyderabad. Mumbai has more than 200 city gardens and barren lands have been converted into palm plantations, but most importantly Mumbai has registered a huge increase in forest area. Efforts to protect the city’s jungle have worked wonders for Mumbai.

Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Jamshedpur, although it is one of the most industrialized cities in India, and is also known by the nickname ‘Steel City’, is still very green, thanks to the Green City of its founder Jamsetji Tata . It is one of the cleanest cities in India. According to studies, 33% of the total land area of ​​the city has green area.

Hyderabad, Telangana

In 2021, Hyderabad was declared the ‘2020 Tree City of the World’ by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Arbor Day Foundation. Again this year, Hyderabad and Mumbai shared the title of ‘2021 Tree City of the World’. Hyderabad has got this coveted title because of its efforts to conserve the forests of its city.

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