October 4, 2022
Hyderabad: Amit Shah’s security lapses again, TRS leader parked his car in front of the convoy

Hyderabad News: Political agitation is intensifying in Telangana, which has become a battleground for the BJP and the ruling TRS in the South. While the top BJP leaders are leaving no stone unturned to surround Chief Minister KCR by visiting the state continuously, Telangana CM is also knocking on the doors of satraps of other states to present a strong challenge against PM Modi in the next Lok Sabha elections. are giving. For some time now, there have been cases of security lapses of big BJP leaders going to Telangana.

There was also a huge lapse in the security of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who visited Hyderabad on Saturday. A car came and parked in front of their convoy. This car belonged to TRS leader Gosula Srinivas. The security personnel engaged in the protection of Home Minister Shah, showing lightning-like activity, immediately got the car out of the way. However, during this time the atmosphere at the spot had become tense for a while.

TRS leader made this allegation

TRS leader Gosula Srinivas while talking to the media after the incident said that the car suddenly stopped in front of the convoy at that time. By the time I could understand something, the security personnel of the Home Minister started vandalizing the car. The TRS leader has spoken of a complaint to the police.

There was a lapse in the security of Assam CM

Earlier on September 9, there was a huge security lapse in the security of Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, who visited Hyderabad. Sarma was addressing a public meeting in Begum Bazar area of ​​Hyderabad. Then a man climbed onto the stage and snatched the mike from the hands of a BJP worker standing next to the Assam CM and started saying something to him. Only then people caught him and took him down from the stage.

The man who breached the security of CM Himanta Biswa Sarma is Nand Kishore Vyas (Nandu), the leader of the ruling Telangana Rashtrasamiti. He is in-charge of the Goshamahal assembly seat in Telangana, from where T Raja Singh, who has been suspended from the BJP, is currently an MLA. Apart from this, Nandu is also said to be close to KCR’s son KTR. The DGP of Assam had also expressed displeasure with the Telangana DGP regarding this incident.

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