October 4, 2022
India China Border: Indian Army’s skill shown near China border, bridge ready in a few hours on Indus river

India China Border: Relations between the two countries have remained tense since the violent clash on the India-China border in eastern Ladakh in May 2020. There is still a huge gathering of soldiers on both sides of the LAC in Ladakh. Despite several rounds of talks, the dragon is reluctant to back down. From time to time, disturbing news of the construction of local military bases on the Chinese side also comes. Meanwhile, the Indian Army stationed in Ladakh has proved its mettle by building a magnificent bridge over the Indus river in just a few hours.

In view of the antics of China, the Indian Army is also continuously strengthening the infrastructure in its area. All-weather roads and bridges – culverts are being constructed so that the supply line is not interrupted in case of any emergency. In this episode, the Corps of Engineers of the Indian Army has prepared a bridge over the Indus river in the Ladakh sector. However, it is a temporary bridge, which is fully automatic.

Video went viral on social media

The Indian Army has proved its technical prowess by building a floating bridge over the Indus River in just a few hours. It has also been shared on social media platforms. The title of this video shared by the Indian Army is ‘Bridging Challenges – No Terrain Nor Altitude Insurmountable’. Tweeting the video, the Army’s South Western Command has written, “Bridge of challenges, neither terrain nor inaccessible height. In the video, army personnel are seen building a bridge. It has been made by Sapta Shakti Engineers, the engineering unit of the Indian Army.

It is seen in the video that army vehicles are running on this bridge prepared by the Corps of Engineers of the Indian Army. Heavy vehicles of the army are also able to move easily on the bridge. This bridge built on the Indus river opens automatically after being dropped in the water. After this, all the parts are joined one by one and on sight the bridge is ready in just a few hours.

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