August 10, 2022
Indian Army: Now the borders will be monitored through AI technology, Indian Army took this step

Lucknow: India’s two neighboring countries are nuclear-rich and militarily powerful. India’s relations with both have been quite hostile. Yes, we are talking about China and Pakistan. The northern and western borders of the country have always been sensitive. After an agreement with Pakistan, there has been peace on its front but it has not stopped sending terrorists, drugs and weapons.

On the northern border, there is a standoff with China in eastern Ladakh. Even after several rounds of military level talks, we have not got satisfactory success. China is still not far behind. Apart from this, in recent times, Chinese fighter jets were found flying very close to the LAC, to which India had lodged an objection in the past. In view of all these circumstances, the need for strict monitoring on the northern and western borders of the country has increased and nothing can be more helpful than technology in this.

Deployment of AI Based Surveillance System

The Indian Army is going to deploy Artificial Intelligence based border monitoring system on the northern and western border of the country. According to information received from military sources, apart from deploying AI based surveillance systems on the borders, they are also using it for social media surveillance. This technique was also used for intelligence gathering in counter-terrorist operations. AI based real-time monitoring software played a key role in the success of several anti-terror operations in Kashmir in recent times.

According to the information, the Indian Army has deployed several units of AI Powered Smart Surveillance System on the northern and western borders. Apart from this, AI based Suspicious Vehicle Identification System has also been deployed at 8 locations of these two borders. This has significantly reduced the need for manual monitoring. Let us tell you that DRDO and Bharat Dynamics Limited are continuously making such weapons for the Indian Army, which are making its work easier through AI technology.

AI technology

These include facial recognition devices or cameras installed in drones after scanning in crowds. Recently, Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh had said in an event organized on AI technology that India will continuously develop in this technology. Like nuclear power, it will not be controlled by any one country.

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