August 8, 2022
Indo-China Tension: China’s provocative action in Ladakh amid tension with Taiwan, India warns

Indo-China Tension: China is thrashing a lot these days regarding the Taiwan tour of American Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He is showing his grandeur to the world by conducting massive military exercises near the Taiwan border. Meanwhile, he is also carrying out provocative activities on the Indian border. Chinese fighter jets have been seen several times near the border in Eastern Ladakh, which India has taken seriously. Giving a stern warning to China regarding this, India has asked to keep its fighter aircraft away from the Ladakh border.

In fact, in the past, Chinese fighter jets were seen flying very close to the LAC in eastern Ladakh, which is wrong as a rule. India had called a military-level meeting to object to this. This special meeting took place under the leadership of Military Major General. In which Air Commodore of Air Force was also present. In the meeting, India lodged a protest against the provocative activities of China on the Ladakh border.

The meeting was held in Chunshul Moldo, Ladakh on Tuesday.

According to the information, this meeting was held on Tuesday in Chunshul Moldo of Ladakh. According to information received from military sources, during this period, India made it clear that the aircraft of the Chinese side should remain within its limits while flying and also follow the LAC and 10 km CBM line. This was the first time in the ongoing military-level talks between the two countries on the issue of the Eastern Ladakh border dispute, when an officer of the Indian Air Force took part.

Radar will be installed on China border in eastern Ladakh

The Indian Air Force has also become active in view of the provocative activities of the Chinese Air Force in Eastern Ladakh. However, the Indian Air Force is already keeping a close watch on cross-border activities. But after the Chinese fighter aircraft were found several times close to the border in recent days, now the Indian Army is going to put radar on the LAC so that any movement in the air can be caught immediately.

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