October 3, 2022
Jammu & Kashmir: Government will be strict on Kashmiri Pandit employees involved in quitting duty, salary will be deducted

Jammu & Kashmir : The incidents of ‘Target Killing’ in Jammu and Kashmir, one after the other, have filled the fear among Kashmiri Pandits who have returned to the Valley after a long time. These events healed the wounds of three decades old, due to which he had to leave his home and take refuge in unknown places and start a new one. Kashmiri Pandits, who have come to Kashmir again under the PM package, have been agitating against target killing for the past several days.

Now the Jammu and Kashmir administration seems to be strict on their movement. The administration has issued an order and told that the employees joining the movement leaving the duty will be considered absent and will not get the salary for the month of September. The number of days who is found absent will be deducted for the number of days. Condemning the decision of the government, the Kashmiri Pandit employees sitting on the dharna said that the government wants to exploit us by deducting the salary.

Performing since 134 days

The sudden spike in the killings of Kashmiri Pandit employees in the Valley has created tremendous fear among others in the working community here. After the incidents of targeted killing, about 4 thousand Kashmiri Pandit employees have been demonstrating peacefully for the last 134 days. They have only two demands, guarantee of security and posting outside the Kashmir Valley. So far no talks between the government and them have come to fruition.

government should not exploit us

At the same time, Kashmir Pandit employees, who are protesting for their posting demand, said on the latest decision of the government that the government is taking action against us instead of resolving the issue. We should not be exploited by deducting our salary. Our only demand is that we should be given safe posting from the valley. The salary of the employees working under the PM package should not stop.

Let us inform that till August this year, there have been 21 incidents of targeted killings. In May, terrorists killed a Kashmiri Pandit employee Rahul Bhatt after barging into the Tehsildar’s office in Chadoora area of ​​Budgam. On the last day of May, Rajni Bala, a government school teacher, was also murdered after entering the school. After all these incidents, Kashmiri Pandits living in the valley had announced to migrate again.

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