August 9, 2022
Karnataka Congress: How will the distance between Siddaramaiah and Shivakumar be bridged, they hug in front of Rahul but the crisis persists

Karnataka Congress Crisis: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has started trying to end the ongoing tussle in the party’s Karnataka unit. He has started a concrete initiative to end the ongoing tussle between party’s state president DK Shivakumar and former chief minister Siddaramaiah. On Wednesday, in the presence of Rahul, Shivakumar hugged Siddaramaiah and wished him on his 75th birthday. Through this program of public hugs, an attempt was made on behalf of the party to give a message of complete unity.

Later, while addressing the program, he expressed happiness over the hug of both the senior leaders of the party. Both the leaders may have given a message of solidarity by hugging publicly, but experts say that it is very difficult to create unity in real sense. There is a tremendous manipulation going on between the two leaders and their supporters regarding the real CM face. The top leadership of the party is also worried and upset about this ongoing tussle between the two leaders.

Rahul’s attempt to reconcile the two

Assembly elections are due in Karnataka in April-May next year and hence the lobbying is going on in the Congress as well. During his Karnataka tour on Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi tried to end the tussle between the two leaders. Senior leader Shivakumar, who has so far refrained from congratulating Siddaramaiah, hugged Siddaramaiah and congratulated him on his 75th birthday. Experts say that through this program on the initiative of Rahul, an attempt was made to give a message to the people that the party is completely united and there should be no differences among senior leaders.

show solidarity by hugging

Later addressing the program, Rahul Gandhi said that I am very happy to see both the senior leaders of the party hugging. Rahul said that Congress is completely united in Karnataka and we are fully prepared to defeat BJP and RSS. He also promised a fair and honest government to the people of the state.

He said that if the Congress is successful in getting the support of the people, then we will leave no stone unturned for the development of the state. He also accused the BJP and the Sangh of doing politics of hate. He said that if the people of the state are asked, they will also give the same answer that the harmony which was there during the Congress tenure, it is not there now.

The tussle between the two factions over the CM face

In fact, the ongoing tussle in the Congress before the assembly elections has become a cause of great concern for the top leadership of the party. In fact, in the event of Congress coming to power, both the leaders are contenders for the post of Chief Minister. There is a demand from the supporters of both the leaders to declare their leader as the face of CM.

For this reason factionalism in the party is at its peak and the party seems to be divided into two camps. However, other party leaders believe that first the party should focus on winning the elections and the question of chief minister’s post can be decided only after the announcement of the election results.

The distance is unlikely to end

Although both the leaders are not speaking openly about the claim for the post of CM, but the leaders belonging to both the factions are making open statements about the claim. Although political experts say that Siddaramaiah seems to be stronger than Shivakumar among the MLAs, the leaders of the Shivkumar faction say that he is a natural contender for the chief minister’s post as well as being the state president.

Despite the two leaders hugging due to the ongoing tussle between the two factions, the distance created between the two camps seems unlikely to end. In the coming days, it will be clear to what extent Rahul Gandhi has got success in his campaign by embracing both the leaders.

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