October 5, 2022
Rajpath Road History: First Kingsway, then Rajpath and now duty path, know how was the history of this road of the country

Rajpath Road History: New Delhi Palika Parishad has approved the proposal to rename Rajpath as Duty Path in the national capital. Now the road from Rashtrapati Bhavan to India Gate will be known as Duty Path. This proposal has already been approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. In such a situation, it is very interesting to know the history of this historic Rajpath of Delhi.

Rajpath Kashi has a glorious history and this Rajpath has seen 13 Presidents from Dr. Rajendra Prasad to Pranab Mukherjee. Along with this, this Rajpath has also seen 15 Prime Ministers of the country from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to Narendra Modi. This Rajpath is not only a VIP route but also a witness to the glorious history of the country. However, this is not the first time that the name of this important road has been changed.

who named it after all

First of all, it is important to know why it is considered such an important path. The country’s most important event, the Republic Day Parade, begins from this Rajpath. Sitting on this Rajpath, VVIP guests enjoy the Republic Day parade. If the history of Rajpath is traced, it was earlier known as Kingsway. According to experts, the Persian Spinner, Professor of the History of St. Stephen’s College, named this important route Kingsway. During the British Raj in the country, many other important roads were also named on the advice of Spear. Spear taught at St Stephen’s College from 1924 to 1940.

So Spear closely watched India’s independence movement and on his advice the names of Shahjahan Road, Aurangzeb Road, Akbar Road, Prithviraj Road and many other roads in Delhi were also named. Aurangzeb Road has already been renamed as Abdul Kalam Marg. Spear was a great historian and he has also written many important books related to the history of India. After leaving St Stephen’s College, Spear also served as the British Government’s Deputy Secretary of State for India Affairs.

why is this path so important

Now it is also necessary to know that road which will now be known as duty path instead of Rajpath. The Rajpath starts from Rashtrapati Bhavan situated on Raisina Hill and this route comes to Vijay Chowk located in the middle of India Gate. The Republic Day Parade, which is considered to be the country’s most important parade, also starts from this Rajpath.

In the middle of this route, a salute platform is made where the President and other VVIP guests sit and watch the parade. Later the parade ends at the Red Fort. On this Rajpath itself, the people of the country get a glimpse of the cultures of different regions, as well as a spectacular march past of army troops and the state-of-the-art weapons associated with the army.

Who did the initial construction of this road

It is also important to know how the wide and beautiful roads of Delhi’s Rajpath and other areas were constructed. It was a big problem for the British to find contractors for the construction of Delhi’s buildings and roads. In the 1920s, when the officers of the British government started work in this direction, Sardar Narayan Singh, the big contractor of that time, presented his claim to beautify the roads of Delhi.

The British officers also liked the proposal of Sardar Narayan Singh. After this, the Chief Designer of New Delhi Edwin Lutyens and his partner Herbert Baker entrusted the important responsibility of the construction of Rajpath to Sardar Narayan Singh. The beautiful road of Rajpath was constructed under the supervision of Narayan Singh. However, later it was given a more grand look. The beautiful North Block and South Block were built by Herbert Baker at the starting point of the Rajpath.

Why was its name changed?

Many generations of independent India have grown up after hearing the name of Rajpath. Sitting on the velvet grass on both sides of the Rajpath, many people have enjoyed the sunshine in the winter. The employees working in government offices like Rail Bhawan, Nirman Bhawan and Shastri Bhawan built near the Rajpath can never forget the days of chatting in this grass.

During the British Raj, this route was known as Kingsway. Kingsway means the way of the king. After the country got independence, this road was renamed as Rajpath and now this historical route will be known as Duty Path.

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