September 25, 2022
Mission 2024: Nitish, who is busy mobilizing opposition parties, first met Rahul Gandhi

Mission 2024: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has started efforts to unite the opposition parties for the big political battle of 2024. Nitish Kumar, who arrived in Delhi after breaking ties with the NDA and forming the government of the Grand Alliance, has met Congress President Rahul Gandhi. This meeting of Rahul Gandhi and Nitish Kumar is being considered very important from the political point of view. However, the details of the talks between the two leaders have not been disclosed yet.

During a conversation with the media before meeting Rahul Gandhi, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that he has no desire to become the Prime Minister. He said that I want to unite the opposition parties against the BJP so that the BJP can be defeated in the elections. Despite this denial of Nitish Kumar, he is being counted as the prime contender for the post of PM in the 2024 elections. This has come out in the open from the statements of JDU leaders and posters and slogans on the streets of Patna.

Very important meeting with Rahul Gandhi

Nitish Kumar, who arrived in Delhi for the first time after a major political change in Bihar, met Congress leader Rahul Gandhi as soon as he reached the capital. As soon as he reaches Delhi, Nitish Kumar has made it clear that he has come on a Delhi tour as part of the campaign to unite the opposition parties against the BJP. His three-day visit is considered very important. During Nitish Kumar’s meeting with Rahul Gandhi, the body language of both the leaders was very good.

However, after this meeting, the two leaders have not made any comment regarding the talks. Informed sources say that there has been a discussion between the two leaders regarding joining the field together in the big political battle of 2024. Nitish Kumar was seen smiling during his meeting with Rahul Gandhi.

Political experts believe that seeing Nitish, it can be assumed that there has been a good discussion between the two leaders. In view of the important role of the Congress in defeating the BJP in 2024, Nitish first met Rahul Gandhi.

Nitish said: no desire to become prime minister

After reaching Delhi, Nitish Kumar made important remarks about the candidature for the post of Prime Minister before meeting Rahul Gandhi. He clearly said that I have no desire to become the Prime Minister. I am engaged in a mission to unite the opposition parties. He said that the unity of opposition parties is necessary to defeat the BJP in the 2024 elections. If the opposition parties are able to fight the elections unitedly, then we will also be able to defeat the BJP. He said that if the opposition parties come together then surely we will be able to achieve our goal.

Despite this denial of Nitish Kumar, he is being considered as the main contender of the opposition for the post of PM. Before the Delhi tour, the slogan in the meeting of the National Executive of JDU was also raised like our Prime Minister, Nitish Kumar. The posters put on the streets of Bihar, Bihar ne dekha Awadhesh dekhnega, the meaning is also being linked to Nitish’s claim.

Talks with Lalu before Delhi tour

This program of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s visit to Delhi was pre-determined. He reached Delhi at around five in the evening and before leaving for Delhi, he met RJD chief Lalu Prasad in Patna. Yadav also met. Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav and former Chief Minister Rabri Devi were also present at the time of Nitish Kumar’s meeting with Lalu. It is believed that Lalu and Nitish have discussed the strategy to unite the opposition parties.

After this conversation, Nitish Kumar said that we and Lalu Yadav are people of the same ideology and we have had the same ideology on all issues. Nitish Kumar left for Delhi tour after an important meeting with Lalu Yadav. Nitish Kumar is scheduled to stay in Delhi for two more days and informed sources say that during this time he will also talk to many other leaders of the opposition.

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