September 25, 2022
Government Awards: Modi Government is preparing to reduce the number of these government awards, know what is the reason?

Central Government Award: The number of awards given by different ministries of the central government may be reduced soon. Let us tell you that the Ministry of Home Affairs has also taken steps in this direction. In this regard, the Center issued a notification two days ago announcing the reduction in some awards.

These awards include Utkrisht Seva Medal and Ati Utkrisht Seva Medal etc. Along with this, it has also been decided to discontinue awards like ‘Police Internal Security Service Medal’ constituted for Jammu and Kashmir and Naxal areas.

Displeasure over the number of awards and the declining level

According to media reports, in the cabinet meeting of the Central Government held on September 14, displeasure was expressed over the number of awards and its declining level. In the meeting, it was advised to prepare a list of awards to be given by the government. In view of this, all the departments of the government are now engaged in this work.

They will keep getting the award

According to reports, the priority of the central government is to give the award to those people and officials or institutions who are rightfully entitled to it. It’s also not like all awards will be scrapped. In fact, the central government’s emphasis is on reducing the number of awards and improving them. For example, the number of people receiving Nari Shakti Puraskar, Swachh Bharat Award and Road Safety Award etc. can be reduced compared to earlier. Let us tell you, the rounds of meetings are going on in this regard in different ministries of the government.

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