September 30, 2022
Mohali MMS Video Case: The ruckus started in the hostel of 4,000 girl students, taking pictures from under the bathroom

Chandigarh University MMS Video: The case of alleged MMS Viral Case of girl students of Chandigarh University located in Mohali, Punjab is getting hot. A university student has been accused of making objectionable videos of her friends viral (Chandigarh University Video Viral). There is a serious allegation against the accused student that she made a video of girls taking a bath in the bathroom of the girls hostel and sent it to her boyfriend living in Shimla. When this truth came out, there was uproar. Now this ruckus is not taking its name to stop.

Chandigarh University’s MMS leak scandal has shaken the nation. The said girl has been arrested for making and leaking videos of bathing girls. Her boyfriend has also been caught. Gradually many layers of this matter are coming out in the open.

What’s the matter?

Actually, a girl was in the bathroom of the girls hostel. During this, the accused girl was taking some pictures from the phone. The girls saw him from afar. Then some girls thought that she was making a video of girls taking a bath from under the bathroom door. Then a complaint was made to the warden. Soon the matter started gaining momentum. Let us tell you that about 4 thousand girls live in the hostel where this ruckus has happened.

Video of the accused girl in the phone itself

The police were called after the commotion escalated. The police spoke to dozens of girls during the investigation. On talking separately, the girls told many things. At the same time, videos or photos of other girls have not been found in the phone of the accused girl. In the investigation, the video of the same girl herself has been found. She sent this video to her boyfriend. Which has gone viral now.

What did the police say?

On getting information about this incident, the Additional Director General of Police of Punjab i.e. ADGP Gurpreet Dev, Mohali SSP Vivek Sheel Soni and GPS Bhullar and many senior officers reached the Chandigarh University campus to take stock of the situation. In this matter, Gurpreet Dev told that many types of rumors are spreading on social media. He said, 4000 girl students stay in the hostel. The police has arrested the accused girl. His phone is now with the police. The state’s cyber crime branch is engaged in the investigation.

So far 3 people arrested, students on dharna

The students are angry over the Mohali MMS scandal. There is a stir from Chandigarh to Shimla. With the passage of time, the anger of the students is also increasing. A total of three people including the accused student have been arrested so far in this video leak case of Chandigarh University. Despite this, the students demonstrated outside the university till late Sunday night. After much persuasion by the police, most of the students returned. However, some students sat on dharna overnight.

schoolgirls happy, video not found

Senior police officials said, the girl students were reportedly worried about the video going viral. About three to four girl students saw the accused girl in the bathroom or toilet. There she was taking some pictures with her phone. The girls say that they thought she was taking pictures from under the door. He then informed the warden about it. “The girls are happy now as their concerns have been resolved. The girl students BS wanted to know whether there are videos of other girl students in the accused’s phone. Prima facie the police have not found the videos.

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