October 4, 2022
Double Murder In Sitamarhi: The criminals entered the house and killed the father and son after opposing the molesting of the daughter.

Double Murder In Sitamarhi : There has been a double murder in Sitamarhi. On Thursday night, the criminals attacked the house and killed the father and son with a knife. Not only this, the daughter, who went to the rescue, was also injured by the miscreants with a knife. Who was admitted to the hospital for treatment with the help of other relatives and local people. The said incident is of Pipra village of Riga police station area.

The deceased have been identified as Asnarayan Das and Shivam Kumar. The family alleges that village Uday Das along with his other friends carried out the incident. The criminals entered the house and stabbed Asnarayan Das in his sleeping state, then stabbed the son who had gone to save him. Due to this, both died on the spot. On hearing the voice, he came out and stabbed the daughter on the back. The daughter admitted in the injured condition told that while going to the coaching, the accused Uday was molested on the way. After which he was angry with the complaint of the family members. Meanwhile, during the Mahaviri flag, there was a dispute with Uday and the deceased Shivam over the goat. From that day onwards, Uday was unhappy. Uday, who was looking for the spot, killed both of them on Thursday night.

On the information of the incident, the Riga police station reached the spot and handed over the dead body to the relatives after conducting the post-mortem. There is an atmosphere of panic in the area due to the double murder. Police say that 5 accused have been arrested in the case. Raids are on for the other two. Some people are being interrogated.

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