September 25, 2022
Mumbai Drugs Case: Heroin worth Rs 1800 crore caught by Delhi Police, connection being searched

Mumbai Drugs Case: A big drug racket has been busted by the Special Cell of Delhi Police. The Special Cell of Delhi Police has seized 20 tonnes of heroin coated liquorice from the Nava Sheva port in Mumbai. The value of the seized heroin is said to be around Rs 1800 crore. This action taken by Delhi Police against drugs is considered to be the biggest action till date. The police were also shocked to see such a huge quantity of heroin coated liquorice.

Special cell got success on the information of Afghan smugglers

Delhi Police had arrested 2 Afghan smugglers a few days back. Both of them had exposed the narco terror during the interrogation of Delhi Police. On the basis of information given by Afghan smugglers, the Special Cell had recovered drugs worth Rs 1200 crore. After a long interrogation, the Afghans had informed that the drug was also present in a container at the Mumbai port. On the basis of the information given by these Afghans, Delhi Police reached Nawa Shera Port in Mumbai with them, from where the Special Cell of Delhi Police has recovered liquorice coated with more than 20 tonnes of heroin. The value of liquorice coated with recovered heroin has been estimated at Rs 1800 crore in the international market. The container from which the drug was recovered by the Special Cell of Delhi Police has brought that container to Delhi with them.

Seized drug strings linked to narco terror

This action has been carried out under the leadership of Delhi Police’s DCP Pramod Kushwaha. It is also believed by the Special Se that the strings of the recovered drug are linked to Narco Terror.

Big mistake from the team of Narcotics Bureau and DRI

The surprising thing is that the Narcotics Bureau and DRI had checked the consignment many times, but they could not catch it. Now the biggest question is now that how such a big mistake was made by the team of Narcotics Bureau and DRI. Despite having all kinds of security arrangements, how did this drug come to India, and it is also necessary on the team of Narcotics Bureau and DRI to raise such questions.

The case of the seized drug is being considered more serious because two days ago the world’s biggest drug smuggler Noorjahi of Afghanistan was freed from US jail. Noorjahi is considered the world’s biggest drug smuggler. He has also worked for America for a long time as a drug agent. Therefore, it is also believed that Noorjahi is not connected with this drug somewhere.

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