October 4, 2022
Indian Govt On Quotas: Study will be done on the condition of Dalits who adopt Muslim and Christian religion, government in preparation

Indian Govt On Quotas: The Central Government is going to collect information about the Dalits who have left Hinduism and converted to Islam or Christianity. Their social, educational and economic status will be studied. The government is preparing to set up a National Commission for this work, which will study the Dalits who have converted to other religions except Buddhism and Sikhism.

It is being told that the government can take a decision on this very soon. The minority ministry has given its consent on this. At present, discussions are going on between the Ministries of Home, Law, Finance and Social Justice and Empowerment. The proposed National Commission may have three or four members. The status of the chairman of the commission will be equivalent to that of a minister of cabinet rank.

Why the government has to take this decision

In fact, there are many such petitions pending in the Supreme Court, in which there has been a demand to give reservation to Dalits who adopt Muslim and Christian religions like Dalits of Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh religions. During the hearing of these petitions on August 30, the top court had asked the central government to clarify its stand and file its reply within three weeks. The next hearing on the matter is scheduled for October 11. In view of this, the government is thinking of setting up a commission to get information about these sections. The commission will submit its report to the central government in one year.

What are the provisions of SC reservation in the constitution

Under Article 341 of the Constitution, it was stipulated that any person professing Hinduism, Sikhism or Buddhism cannot be treated as a Scheduled Caste. Although initially it only applied to Hinduism, but through an amendment in 1956, Sikhs and in 1990 Buddhists were included in it.

The petition filed in the Supreme Court by the converting Dalits said that social boycott does not change by conversion. Racial discrimination persists even within Christianity, even if the religion does not permit it.

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