October 4, 2022
Navneet Rana Video: MP Navneet Rana raged on the police on the call record, fiercely created a ruckus in the police station

Navneet Rana Video: Navneet Rana, an independent MP from Amravati, is once again in the headlines. Rana created a ruckus in the police station after the police recorded his call. While registering a complaint at Rajpeth police station, he asked who gave the police the right to record his phone? In fact, Navneet Rana had called the policeman regarding a complaint of a case of alleged love jihad and he recorded his phone. When she came to know about this, she was furious.

Amravati MP said in the police station that a Hindu girl has been kidnapped and married by a person of another community. The police brought that girl after finding it. During this, many activists of Hindu organization were also present with him. During this, he started a ruckus accusing the policeman of tamping the phone. Rana got into an argument with police officer Manish Thackeray. He has tagged Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Maharashtra Deputy CM cum Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis by tweeting a video of an altercation with the police on Twitter.

During this, the independent MP said, the girl’s parents had come to me with a complaint that she was married keeping the girl in the dark. When I called the police station regarding this, the police recorded my call, who gave them this right. Rana said that the police is defaming Amaravati. They have been investigating since night but are yet to find the girl.

Let us inform that in this case, the police has detained a person selling potatoes and onions. The boy’s family says that they do not know the boy.

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