October 3, 2022
Women Safety In India: Latest NCRB data exposes women’s safety claims

Women Safety In India: The latest data from the National Crime Records Bureau has exposed the truth of the claims of women’s safety. With the intention of putting the vote of half the population in their account as soon as the elections are approaching across the country, every party exaggerates the issue of women’s safety and presents it to the public. Almost every state government makes tall claims by making the issue of women’s safety its election agenda. But when it comes to statistics, all these claims lose their shine.

On an average 86 misconduct cases registered daily

According to the latest figures, 49 women are respected every hour in India, an average of 82 murders are taking place every hour. According to NCRB data, 49 crimes against women were reported every hour and 86 misconduct cases on an average per day in 2021. More than 11 kidnappings were also reported every hour during the year. According to the latest National Crime Records Bureau report, crime cases across India were reviewed in 2021.

According to the NCRB’s ‘Crime in India 2021’ report, Jharkhand has the highest murder rate per one lakh population, while Delhi has the highest rate of abduction and kidnapping. 31,677 cases of misconduct were registered in 2021. The number of misconduct cases in 2020 stood at 28,046. In 2019, 32,033 rape cases were reported.

State wise report of crime against women

  • Rajasthan (6,337)
  • Madhya Pradesh (2,947)
  • Maharashtra (2,496)
  • Uttar Pradesh (2,845)
  • 1,250 in Delhi in 2021.

Crime rate in misdemeanor cases

The rate of crime (per lakh population) in cases of misconduct was the highest in Rajasthan (16.4). Chandigarh (13.3) is at number two, followed by Delhi (12.9), Haryana (12.3) and Arunachal Pradesh (11.1). According to the NCRB, the average rate in India was recorded at 4.8. A total of 4,28,278 cases of ‘crimes against women’ were registered across the country in 2021, with the crime rate (per one lakh population) being 64.5. Official data shows that the charge-sheet filing rate for such offenses stood at 77.1.

Uttar Pradesh became number one

The number of crimes against women declined to 3,71,503 in 2020 from 4,05,326 in 2019. According to the NCRB, crimes against women include misdemeanor, homicide with murder, dowry, acid attack, abetment to suicide, kidnapping, forced marriage, human trafficking, online harassment. In 2021, the top five states with the highest number of crimes against women–

  • Uttar Pradesh (56,083)
  • Rajasthan (40,738)
  • Maharashtra (39,526)
  • West Bengal (35,884)
  • Odisha (31,352)

In terms of crime rate against women, Assam (168.3) is at the top. In this list, Assam is followed by Delhi (147), Odisha (137), Haryana (119.7) and Telangana (111.2).

State in kidnapping cases

During 2021, 1,04,149 victims were abducted. 1,01,707 cases of kidnapping were registered. 84,805 cases were reported in 2020.

Kidnapping increased by 19.9 percent in one year. However, about one lakh people were also freed from the kidnappers. Top five states reporting murders

  • Uttar Pradesh (3,717 cases, 3,825 people).
  • Bihar (2,799 cases, 2,826 people).
  • Maharashtra (2,330 cases, 2,381 people).
  • Madhya Pradesh (2,034 cases, 2075 people).
  • West Bengal (1,884 cases, 1,919 people).

kidnapping cases

According to NCRB data, 459 murder cases were registered in Delhi for kidnapping. A total of 478 people were killed in these cases. On motive of murder, NCRB said, 9,765 cases of ‘dispute’ were found to be the most important cause of murder. The second number was the cause of ‘personal vendetta or enmity’ in murders during 2021. A total of 3,782 cases of personal vendetta or enmity and 1,692 cases of ‘benefits’ were registered.

Kidnapping and abduction cases were reported 19.9 percent more than in 2020. A total of 1,01,707 kidnapping cases were registered in 2021.

sex-based kidnapping

  • 17,605 men
  • 86,543 women
  • a transgender

kidnapping of adults

Of all the victims, 69,014 (10,956 males and 58,058 females) were children. 35,135 adults were kidnapped in which (6,649 men, 28,485 women and one transgender) were involved. A total of 99,680 abducted people (17,477 male, 82,202 female and one transgender) were rescued from kidnappers during 2021. Of these, 98,860 people were ‘recovered alive’ and 820 were found dead.

Top five states in terms of kidnapping reports

  • Uttar Pradesh (14,554 cases, 14,714 people).
  • Bihar (10,198 cases, 2,826 people).
  • Maharashtra (10,502 cases, 10,680 people).
  • Madhya Pradesh (2,034 cases, 2075 people).
  • West Bengal (1,884 cases, 1,919 people).
  • Experts working for women’s safety say that most cases of violence related to women are not recorded in government papers, they remain confined to the victim woman.

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