October 3, 2022
NEET Success Story: Chaiwala’s son will become a doctor, prepare from YouTube and pass NEET exam

NEET Success Story: Someone has rightly said that if you really want something, you definitely get that thing one day. One such incident is of a student from Odisha, who passed his medical examination while selling tea with his father. He prepared for the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) by watching YouTube videos. While he used to make preparations without informing his father and also sell his tea together. This student has secured 8065th rank in NEET exam by scoring 635 marks out of 720.

used to sell tea with father

Sooraj, a resident of Kandhamal district of Odisha has done such a miracle. Let us tell you that Suraj’s father sells tea outside the hospital and Suraj also helps in selling his father’s tea. Sooraj’s father always wanted his son to become a doctor and always talked to the doctors who came to drink tea, but he never forced his son to prepare because of the hefty coaching fees.

also did this during preparation

Sooraj always used to see his father Siba Shankar Behera talking to doctors and then he decided to become a doctor in his mind. But, he did not tell this to his father. He showed himself by cracking the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) with his hard work and self study. During this time, he also used to help sell tea with his father.

preparation with the help of

Actually, when Sooraj started preparing for NEET, he did not tell anything to his father and started preparing for the exam from home itself. For this, he did not even take the help of any coaching, because the financial condition of the house was very weak. Because of which he prepared from YouTube.

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