October 5, 2022
Nitish’s Delhi Mission: Opposition leaders did not reveal the strategy, all the obstacles in the way of unity

Nitish kumar News: There is a lot of discussion in the political circles regarding the three-day Delhi mission of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. During his stay in Delhi, Nitish Kumar discussed the strategy of the political war of 2024 with many big leaders of the opposition including former Congress President Rahul Gandhi and NCP chief Sharad Pawar, but it is not yet clear whether Nitish will have to play his part. To what extent have you been successful in your efforts?

In fact, Nitish is constantly trying to avoid that question, which is the biggest screw in the unity of the opposition parties to decide the face of the opposition. After Nitish’s talks with the leaders of the opposition, none of the leaders even issued any statement.

Opposition leaders did not open their political cards

After Nitish’s conversation with every opposition leader, he was asked a question about the face of the post of PM and Nitish kept giving the same answer every time that he has no desire to become the Prime Minister. Nitish’s Mission 2024 may be considered an attempt to unite all the opposition parties, but Nitish’s supporters are considering it as his debut in the race for the post of PM.

Although Nitish Kumar has expressed satisfaction with the talks with the leaders of the opposition, but no opposition leader has opened his political cards about his future strategy after talking to him.

Nitish claims positive response

After a conversation with NCP chief Sharad Pawar for about 40 minutes on Wednesday, Nitish Kumar said that our only aim is to unite the opposition parties. I have nothing personal in this campaign, but if we succeed in uniting, it will be very good for the country. He claimed that talks with leaders of all opposition parties have got good response.

However, he did not disclose the points agreed upon in the talks with the opposition leaders and the stand of the opposition leaders on solidarity. He also said that Congress President Sonia Gandhi could not meet him due to his being abroad, but after his return home, he would again come to Delhi to meet him.

He said that my aim is not to be the leader but to bring all the opposition parties together. BJP is trying to capture the country. So together we have to save the country.

Nitish’s polite political move

Political experts believe that at present, Nitish is playing a very slow political move. Sensing the atmosphere, they are only talking about the unity of the opposition parties at this time and are denying the claim for the post of PM at every level. After the unity of the opposition parties, the claim for the post of PM can be talked about. By the way, it is clear from the statements of JDU leaders, slogans of party workers and posters in Patna that a complete atmosphere is being created for Nitish’s claim. After talks with almost every opposition leader during his Delhi visit, Nitish openly said that I have no desire to become the Prime Minister.

By the way, it is being considered as part of Nitish’s well-thought-out strategy. When the time comes, they can open their political cards in this regard. From Monday to Wednesday, Nitish Kumar held talks with leaders of 10 opposition parties, except for the meeting with the President and the Vice President. JDU leaders claim that all the leaders have appreciated Nitish Kumar’s campaign and have given their consent to come on one platform.

Nitish’s mission is not easy to complete

By the way, the remarkable thing in this matter is that after meeting Nitish, no statement has been made by any leader of the opposition regarding the consent. All the parties are busy making their own strategy regarding the political war of 2024 and they have not disclosed any points of agreement reached in talks with Nitish.

Political experts believe that there are many obstacles in Nitish’s path and it is not an easy task to carry out the unity of opposition parties that he has taken. On the birth anniversary of former Deputy CM Devi Lal, some indication can definitely emerge from the rally of the opposition to be held in Hisar, Haryana.

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