October 3, 2022
Bihar News: BJP gave another blow to Nitish, now the entire unit of JDU’s Daman and Diu joins BJP

Bihar News Today: After Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur, BJP has also given a big blow to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in Daman and Diu. Daman and Diu unit of JDU has merged with BJP. Of the 17 JDU district panchayat members of Daman and Diu, 15 have joined the BJP. It is being considered as a big setback for Nitish Kumar, who joined hands with RJD in Bihar last month by giving a jolt to the BJP.

In fact, breaking the alliance with BJP and JDU is being considered as a major reason behind the break in JDU in other states except Bihar. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, playing a big political game last month, joined hands with RJD and formed a new government. After this big political development in Bihar, BJP is constantly trying to give a jolt to JDU.

Anger over Nitish Kumar’s move in Bihar

After giving a big blow to Nitish Kumar in Daman and Diu, BJP has launched a big attack on JDU. BJP tweeted that we had given impetus to development in Bihar, but JDU has chosen Bahubali, about which their leaders are now looking very angry. This sarcasm of BJP is believed to be an indication of RJD.

It has been alleged from BJP that Nitish Kumar has supported the Bahubalis by joining hands with RJD. It has been claimed by the party that under the NDA rule, BJP was trying to take Bihar forward on the path of development, but Nitish Kumar did not accept it.

Arunachal-Third state after Manipur

After Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur, the joining of JDU leaders in Daman and Diu is now considered a big setback for Nitish Kumar. Some time ago in Arunachal Pradesh, most of the JDU MLAs had joined the BJP. Recently, five out of seven JD(U) MLAs from Manipur had joined the BJP. In the presence of BJP National President Jagat Prakash Nadda, these five MLAs were given the membership of BJP last week.

A statement was also issued by the Manipur Legislative Assembly Secretariat regarding the change of side of these MLAs. According to this statement, Joykishan Singh, Nagursangalur Sanate, Mohd Achbauddin, Thanjam Arunkumar and LM Khote have joined the BJP. The Assembly Secretariat says that the Speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly has approved the merger of five JDU MLAs with the BJP under the Tenth Schedule of the Constitution.

BJP is busy encircling Nitish

These days the BJP is busy in making a strong siege of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in Bihar. In this episode, Home Minister Amit Shah is going to visit Seemanchal in Bihar soon. After leaving the support of Nitish Kumar, the party is making a fresh strategy in Bihar. On the other hand, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is trying to unite the opposition parties in view of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Nitish Kumar had made a three-day visit to Delhi recently. During this visit, Nitish Kumar had met almost all the big leaders of the opposition including former Congress President Rahul Gandhi. It is believed that in the coming days, the round of accusations and counter-accusations between BJP and JDU will intensify.

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