October 4, 2022
October Bank Holiday 2022: Banks will be closed for 10 days in October during the festive season, see the list of holidays

October Bank Holiday 2022: The festival season is about to begin. In the meantime, there is also the matter of marriage. In such a situation, if you have a very important work from the bank in October, or if you have any very important work from the bank in the transaction of money, then get all the work related to the bank done now. Because the bank is going to be closed for 10 days in October. Due to which you may have to face trouble.

By the way, in the era of digitization, now there is no problem with the transactions of money and money, nor do people now have to stand in queues in banks for hours. Whether to send some money anywhere, deposit someone’s fee, deposit a bill or ask for money from someone, many transactions are now done in seconds. Yes, online transaction services have removed the root of all the trouble. Such as Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm, Internet Banking (Online Transfer) services through money transactions are done easily.

But even after this, there are many such things due to which one has to go to the bank. So if you are going out to go to the bank, then once check this list of bank holidays in October and go out.

Let us tell you, these holidays of October also include holidays on Sundays, Saturdays, including festivals.

Check here the list of bank holidays in October
October Bank Holidays

2nd October Gandhi Jayanti – Holiday (Sunday)

October 4, Dussehra – Holiday (Tuesday)

8 October – Bank Holiday (2nd Saturday)

9 October – Bank Holiday (Eid-e-Milad) Day Sunday

16 October Holiday (Day Sunday)

22 October – Bank Holiday (4th Saturday)

23 October – Bank Holiday (Day Sunday)

24 October – Public holiday on Diwali festival (day Monday)

Public Holiday on 25 October Diwali Festival (Day Tuesday)

30 October – Bank Holiday (Day Sunday)

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