October 5, 2022
Bihar: With the beginning of Pitru Paksha, crowds of Pind Daan gathered at the ghats of the river Falgu.

Spring News: Father’s Day has begun. The crowd of those who donate Pind has started at the Ghat of Falgu. This time for the first time, there is full water in the Falgu river. It has become possible. Due to the rubber dam built in Gayaji, this time devotees will not have to buy a lot of water for ₹ 10. They can take the water of the Falgu river for free. In Gaya, since Saturday morning, there was a crowd of people who donated Pind. That this time around one lakh devotees come to do Pind Daan.

There is a constant flow of passengers by road and train. The president of Vishnupad Mandir Prabandhakarini Samiti said that there is no system for accurate estimation of the number of people who do Pind Daan. There will be a huge rush of passengers in the next three-four days. From the district administration to Gayapal Panda, all preparations have been made from their respective levels. People of Marwari community of Haryana and Rajasthan have started Pind Daan for 17 days from Friday.

Some from Godavari have started their worship for the salvation of 21 clans with foot worship in Punpun river. His worship will end on September 26. Let us tell you that in Gaya Dham, the rituals of one day, three days, five days, seven days, 15 days, 17 days, now 18 days rituals have also been done. There are total 7 types of rituals in Gaya. Fees and materials for this vary. In the voting of the district administration, the date of Pitrupaksha Mela has been shown from 9 to 25. Whether or not the fair will last for 17 days this time.

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