September 25, 2022
Madhya Pradesh: The health system of the state of Madhya Pradesh groaning, blood was offered to the girl sitting on the ground in the hospital

Madhya Pradesh Hospital: A picture of mismanagement of a government hospital in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh is going viral on social media. It was clearly seen in the picture that a girl child was being offered blood while sitting on the ground. It is also seen in this picture that the girl’s mother is standing holding a bag of blood. This picture is being told of the incident of Maihar Civil Hospital in Satna district of MP. After the picture went viral on social media, Satna District Magistrate Anurag Verma took cognizance of the incident and ordered the CMHO to reach the spot and investigate.

MP’s poor health system

In this viral picture, it can be clearly seen that a girl child is getting blood transfusion sitting on the ground in a government hospital. His mother is standing holding the bag of blood. The girl who is having blood transfusion is 15 years old, her hemoglobin is low. After which he was given blood transfusion. The beds in the district hospital were not vacant. After this picture went viral, once again people are questioning the state government on the plight of the health system.

Action taken after the picture went viral

In the investigation, the name of the victim girl, who is seen in the viral picture of the hospital in Madhya Pradesh, has come to the fore. The child is about 15 years old. When the media talked to the hospital staff, it was told that the beds in the hospital are not empty, the family members of the girl had somehow arranged for blood. But due to lack of beds, blood has been offered sitting on the ground. Now action has also been taken against the doctor and the nurse in this case. In-charge of this hospital, one increment of Dr Pradeep Nigam and two increments of nurse Anju Singh have been directed to take immediate effect.

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