October 3, 2022
Russia vs Ukraine War: Putin threw reserve soldiers in the war against Ukraine

Russia vs Ukraine War : Russia Ukraine The war is now going to intensify further because Russia has made clear its intention to use full force in the war. Russian President Vladimir Putin today announced a partial military mobilization with immediate effect and also threatened to deploy nuclear weapons.

In a pre-recorded address broadcast on state TV, Putin said he was calling on reserve troops to aid in the war against Ukraine but that mandatory military duty would not be imposed for the time being. He said that reserve soldiers with prior training and experience would be called to serve on the fronts.

Putin also said that Russia will do “everything to provide a safe environment” for all Kremlin-backed regimes that have pledged to hold a referendum on joining the Russian Federation on Tuesday.

Putin, without naming nuclear weapons, said that – “To protect Russia and our people, we will undoubtedly use all our resources and this is not a hoax.”

Russia is believed to have over two million reserve troops, but only a few of these receive regular refresher training. The partial mobilization order is expected to mobilize about 300,000 pre-active units, which will be sent into action against Ukraine.

Russia intends to annex four regions of Ukraine. These regions have announced a referendum in this regard. The referendum will begin on Friday in Luhansk and Donetsk and southern Kherson and Zaporizhzhya and the eastern Donbass regions of Donetsk.

In his speech, Putin did not speak of a complete Russian offensive against Ukraine. He blamed the West for the conflict, saying that Moscow is fighting “the entire Western military complex” and that Ukraine’s command is effectively in the hands of its Western advisers. He claimed that “Washington, Brussels and London directly provoke Ukraine to fight Russia.”

Putin accused Western countries of engaging in “nuclear blackmail”.

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