October 4, 2022
Rahul Leela in Ramlila: Proved, Rahul is the real owner of Congress

Congress gathered a lot of people in the rally of Ramlila Maidan. The thrust exerted by Bhupendra Hooda from Haryana and Ashok Gehlot from Rajasthan filled the Congressmen with enthusiasm but it is difficult to say that this rally has shown any new direction to the Congress party. No new leader of Congress emerged in this rally. Many Congress chief ministers and state leaders appeared on the stage but their status remained the same as it was for the last 50 years. All the experienced, capable and old leaders looked like managers or babus of a private limited company. The wind that was blowing for the rebirth of Congress in the past was missing from that stage. Whether Rahul Gandhi is the President of this party or not, he is the real owner, this rally has proved it.

Is this Rahul Leela at Ramlila Maidan not giving a clear indication as to who will lead the ‘Bharat-Jodo Yatra’? Just imagine that the party which used to win 400 seats in the Lok Sabha, shrinks to around 50, yet there is no change of leadership, how shabby that party must have become from inside. Speeches were made by many leaders in Ramlila Maidan but only Rahul Gandhi is visible in TV channels and newspapers. It can also be taken to mean that this is being done deliberately so that a funny image of Congress goes on being created! Not that Rahul’s speech was absolutely breathless. There were many strong and justified criticisms in it, but because of the image that Rahul has already created in the minds of the country’s listeners, it is unlikely to make any significant impact. Rahul and Soniaji know that Congress alone is not going to be even better than Modi this time, but despite this, Rahul has irritated other provincial parties of the country with his statement. He said that these parties have no ideology. Can Rahul’s Congress take on Modi without other opposition parties? It is also an exaggeration of Rahul to say that opponents are not allowed to speak in Parliament and the media is being strangled. Rahul did not even spare the judiciary. The Congress lacks the best speakers, it is known to everyone except Rahul. Every government tries to slip the media but if the Indian media was a slave, could Rahul get so much publicity today? Rahul cried about inflation and unemployment, so it is okay, but is not everyone aware of the fact that inflation in neighboring countries has increased by two hundred and three hundred percent. They are facing an economic earthquake and America and Europe are also suffering. India is in a much better position than them. If Rahul had initiated a huge mass movement, the importance of this rally would have been historic, but before ‘Bharat-Jodo’, it was seen as an attempt like ‘Congress Jodo’. If this Rahul Leela generates some enthusiasm among the Congress workers, then Indian democracy will definitely become somewhat stronger.

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