September 30, 2022
MP News Today: Hungry widow woman pulling bullock cart and girl sitting, teacher ran on seeing

MP News: Every day many videos are viral in the country, but in Madhya Pradesh these days a video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In a video going viral from Rajgarh district, a poor widow woman is pulling a bullock cart. The girl child is sitting on top of the bullock cart. Although two bullocks pull the bullock cart, but it is not so here, here a widow woman is pulling the bullock cart with her hands.

This video belongs to Sarangpur in Raigad district. Where a woman named Laxmibai was going to Sarangpur, 30 km from Pachore, pulling a bullock cart with an innocent girl with her little belongings. In the video, the woman is telling that she has covered a distance of about 15 kilometres. Further in the video it can also be seen that the woman pulling the bullock cart is seen by two bike riders. He stopped the bike and inquired about the condition of the woman and also tried to help. The woman’s bullock cart is tied to her bike with the help of a rope and reaches Sarangpur.

The woman told that she is a widow, her husband has died. She is facing lot of difficulties. She is barely able to eat one meal in 24 hours. He doesn’t have any house of his own to live in. Nor has anyone helped him till now. He is in too much trouble. This helplessness of the woman raises many questions on the current system. The government also comes in the dock that despite running so many schemes, how women are deprived.

woman pleaded for help

The widowed woman says that she pleads with folded hands, that she should be helped. She has a daughter, at least she should be helped because after working very hard, she is able to eat one time meal. At least the government should help so much that he can eat two meals a day.

Devi Singh Nagar, the motorcycle rider who helped the woman, a teacher by profession, said about the viral video that she was traveling with her partner. During this, his eyes fell on a woman who was pulling the bullock cart with her hands. I tried to help the woman by stopping the bike. The woman told him that she was going to Sarangpur. She has not eaten or drank anything, she is only dragging the bullock cart on her hungry stomach. The teacher further said that I asked the woman if she had any rope so that she could help her. The woman gave him a rope from her side. The teacher tied the bullock cart to the bike with the help of a rope and took it to Sarangpur.

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