September 30, 2022
Rewa Madhya Pradesh Gang Rape: Teenager gang-raped behind Devi temple, two arrested

Rewa Madhya Pradesh Gang Rape: Rewa (Madhya Pradesh). Gang rape of a teenager who came to visit the temple with a friend, Rewa became the hub of crime. Six accused carried out the gang rape incident. On complaining, he was threatened with death. DSP Naveen Dubey arrested two accused by raiding. Raids are going on in other 4 locations.

Madhya Pradesh Rewa district became the hub of crime. Incidents like murder, rape, robbery, Rahajani were common. Rewa ahead in crime since last one year. Police is unable to rein in it. Somewhere rape, somewhere murder and somewhere the incidents of robbery are coming to the fore. Big challenge for Rewa Police. The whole matter is of Ashtabhuji Mata temple of Naigarhi police station where the police reached the spot after the major incident.

Half a dozen accused have carried out the incident of rape with a teenager who came to the temple with her friend. He gang-raped the girl by taking the girl hostage behind the temple. Police immediately reached the spot as soon as the incident was reported.

This shocking incident is of Ashtabhuji Mata temple of Naigarhi police station. Where a teenager had come to hang out with her friend. After having darshan in the temple, they were sitting nearby and talking. At the same time half a dozen youths reached there. The accused started threatening them and dragged the teenager in front of the young man and took him under the garbage. And committed the crime of raping her. After this incident, the victim has lodged an FIR in the police station, two of the 6 accused have been arrested by the police. Search is on for four others.

Amar Mishra’s report from Rewa

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