October 4, 2022
Robot Teacher Shalu: Now Robot Teacher Shalu will teach children, see the look of this beautiful funny teacher

Robot Teacher Shalu: No matter how modern the world may be, no matter how modern it may be, but no ordinary person can do a great job like a teacher, that is, to flow the knowledge. Teachers give the money to the students by which the whole life becomes blessed. Just both the teacher and the learner should be honest about their work. By the way, these days there is a trend of smart class and smart teaching in schools. But now the discussion of a new robot is also in full swing.

Yes, these days Robot Shalu is teaching children in a school in Mumbai. The surprising thing is that she teaches and explains to the children like a normal teacher. That is, brother, now the teacher’s character has also taken a modern form. Now instead of teachers in schools, robots will take classes for children.

Children having great fun in reading with robot

Robot Shalu (Photo- Social Media)

In this school in Mumbai, children are also studying in a very fun way with this robot Shalu. It is as if some friend is teaching those school children. Due to which the children are neither afraid of beating nor of being scolded. At the same time, while teaching and teaching the robot Shalu, the children get their revision done, and they also take tests. In which there has been a very good response from the children. Overall, now children are having great fun in reading with robots.

Let me tell you, this robot named Shalu is the second such robot in the country which has been completely successful in teaching children. This Robot Shalu has been created by Dinesh Kunwar Patel, a computer science teacher at Kendriya Vidyalaya, IIT Bombay, the world’s first social and educational humanoid. Surprisingly, this robot ‘Shalu’ is also made from cardboard and leftover waste material.

This robot Shalu has been given the look of an Indian woman. Who is wearing a red chunri. Robot Shalu has long hair. With a garland around the neck, a bindi on the forehead, redness in the lips and mascara in the eyes, Robot Shalu teaches children in full makeup with pleasure.

Would you also like to teach your children with this robot slu?

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