October 3, 2022
Durga Puja 2022 Date: This time a very auspicious coincidence on Navratri, on whom will Maa Durga come this year, know here

Durga Puja 2022 Date and Time: This year Navratri of Maa Durga is starting from 26th September. That is, from the Pratipada date of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month in 2022, Sharadiya Navratri is starting from Monday. Pay attention because this year a very auspicious and auspicious coincidence is happening on Navratri. Due to which Navratri will be of 9 days. After this Dussehra will be celebrated on the tenth day. In such a situation, today we give you the auspicious time to worship in Navratri, the auspicious time for Ghatasthapana, the material of worship and many other important information.

Days in Navratri 2022 are starting from Monday 26 September. According to the Hindu calendar, the auspicious time of Ghatasthapana will start from 05:39 in the morning of 26 September 2022. Which will last till 7.13 am. After this, the auspicious time of Choghadiya will be from 9.03 to 10.26 minutes.

Sharadiya Navratri 2022 Ghatasthapana Shubh Muhurta

Ghatsthapana Date: 26 September 2022 Day Monday

Ghatasthapana Shubh Muhurta: 26 September 2022 from 05:39 am to 07:13 am

Installation Duration: Total Duration 01 Hour 37 Minutes

Shubh Muhurta of Choghadiya: 9:3 minutes to 10:26 minutes

There is a lot of enthusiasm among the devotees even before the beginning of the Navratras of Maa. Many days in advance the devotees start preparing for the puja. In Navratri, the devotees of the mother sing Durga recitation, stotra. The mother removes all the troubles of her devotees, fulfills all their wishes.

In such a situation, let us tell you one thing, that every year the mother comes riding on some vehicle. So let us know on whom the mother is coming this time.

According to the scriptures, this year Maa Durga is coming riding on an elephant. There is also some indication of the mother’s ride. So let us know what are the signs of coming riding on an elephant this time.

Maa Durga will come riding on an elephant

In the Shardiya Navratri starting from Monday, this time Maa Durga is coming riding on an elephant. It is believed that on the beginning of Navratri on Sundays and Mondays, when Maa Durga comes riding on an elephant, it is considered a very auspicious sign.

Navratri (Photo – Social Media)

It has been told in the Puranas that if the mother comes riding on an elephant, she brings with her a lot of happiness and prosperity. Because the elephant is a symbol of wisdom and prosperity. So according to this, where the mother is worshiped with great pomp in the whole country, then the mother will bring economic prosperity and knowledge will develop in the country.

Navratri worship material

Beautiful Statue of Maa Ambe

beautiful clothes for mom

to lay red cloth





mango leaves


Flowers (The hibiscus flower is the most beloved.)






Honeycomb items (mirror, comb, bracelet-bangle, scented oil, henna, mahwar, bindi etc.)

betel nut whole

turmeric root

ground turmeric






cotton light,



Color all the colors or even the rice


puja plate


Collect items like incense sticks etc.

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