August 8, 2022
Whose Shiv Sena?: Supreme Court will clarify its stand on Monday, told Election Commission – do not take any decision now

Shiv Sena vs Shiv Sena: Who has the right over Shiv Sena? Its fight is going on in the Supreme Court. Now it is to be decided in the Supreme Court itself that Shiv Sena Uddhav Thackeray or Eknath Shinde? In this episode, hearing was also held on Thursday (August 04, 2022) in the Supreme Court. But, even today it has not been decided that whose Shiv Sena is after all.

After the hearing on Thursday, the Supreme Court said that it will clear its stand on Monday. During the hearing held today, the court has requested the Central Election Commission not to take any decision on it until the stand of the Supreme Court is clarified. It is now believed that the Supreme Court will decide on Monday whether to refer the matter to the Constitutional Bench or not. If the matter is referred to a Constitutional Bench, the dispute is expected to drag on for a long time. If this does not happen, then it is possible that the decision may come soon.

Salve- ‘He is still in Shiv Sena’

In the Supreme Court on Thursday, the lawyer of the Shinde camp, Harish Salve, first presented his side in the court. During this, Salve said, ‘All these MLAs are still in Shiv Sena. He has not left the party. He said, it is only democracy, that even while in the party, you can express your dissent. In such a situation, how can any MLA be disqualified?’ Let us tell you that yesterday i.e. on Wednesday, an argument was presented on behalf of the Uddhav faction on this issue. In which his lawyer Kapil Sibal had said that the rebel MLAs are disqualified. Because, he has violated the whip.

Election Commission’s lawyer also reached the court, gave the answer

The most important thing about the hearing today was that the lawyers of the Election Commission also reached the Supreme Court. The counsel for the Election Commission was also called today. During the hearing, the question arose in the court whether the Election Commission (EC) has the right to decide or not, who is the real Shiv Sena. On this, the judges said that if anyone goes to the commission, then he has the right to decide.

EC sought proof from both sides on August 8

Let us tell you that it is necessary for the Uddhav Thackeray camp that the Supreme Court stays the hearing of the Election Commission on August 8. The Election Commission has sought evidence from both the sides that they have authority over Shiv Sena. Let us tell you that on August 8, all the documents in this regard are to be handed over. After this the Election Commission will hear.

However, the Uddhav Thackeray camp fears that the Election Commission may give a verdict in favor of Eknath Shinde. Therefore, the demand for a stay on this is being intensified before the Supreme Court.

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