August 9, 2022
Telangana Congress: Now there is a crisis in Telangana Congress, many MLAs are angry with the state president, there may be revolt

Telangana Congress: These days Congress is going through a crisis in many states. The name of Telangana has also been added to the list of such states. In fact, the Congress leaders of the state are showing displeasure towards the party’s state president A Revanth Reddy. On one hand the BJP is trying to challenge Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao and his party TRS and on the other hand the Congress is struggling with a dispute between the leaders.

Senior state Congress leader and MLA Komatiraj Rajagopal Reddy has raised many questions regarding the working style of the state president. Political experts say that Reddy seems to be in a rebellious mood and may choose a different path soon. According to experts, if Reddy leaves the party, some more MLAs can also give a big blow to the Congress. In view of the state assembly elections, this displeasure of the party leaders seems to be overshadowing the party.

Front opened against state president

Reddy’s biggest complaint is about the state president Revanth Reddy. He says that the working style of the state president is not right and he is giving more preference to outsiders than party loyalists. Because of them, the Congress is becoming increasingly weak. Congress sources even say that in Nalgonda district, which has political influence, he has even requested the state president not to come for campaigning.

According to a report published in an English newspaper, Rajagopal Reddy is considered a strong leader of the area and his brother Venkata Reddy is also a Lok Sabha MP. Both brothers have a lot of influence in their area. His opposition stand could prove to be very costly for the Congress.

Big allegation made on the state president

A section of Congress leaders says that because of Rajagopal Reddy, his brother can also give a big blow to the Congress. Rajagopal Reddy has opened a front against the state president and has even warned him not to come to his area for campaigning.

They argue that the state president is busy in campaigning for himself more than the party. His campaign is not going to benefit the party. They do not consult their allies in party related decisions and try to impose their decision on everyone.

The party may get a big blow

Rajagopal Reddy is not the only leader of Telangana Congress who has questioned the functioning of the state president. Two more party MLAs Jai Prakash Reddy and Jagga Reddy have also raised questions on the working style of the state president. They have complained to the party high command in this regard.

However, till now no action has been taken by the party high command against the state president. Congress sources say that some other leaders have also approached the party high command against the state president. According to informed sources, Rajagopal Reddy has made up his mind to leave the party and after him some more MLAs can also follow the same path and give a big blow to the party.

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