December 10, 2022
Madhya Pradesh: Three Muslim youths who entered Ujjain’s Garba pandal were thrashed, accused of secretly entering

On your fingers: In Madhya Pradesh these days, the Garba programs being organized for Navratri are being guarded by the workers of Hindu organization. Their eyes are on non-Hindus participating in the Garba program. On Saturday, three Muslim youths were thrashed by Bajrang Dal workers at a Garba pandal at Kalidas Academy in Mahakal city Ujjain. They were accused of secretly entering the pandal.

In fact, all Hindu organizations including Bajrang Dal have banned the entry of non-Hindu youths in Garba pandals. Which is also supported by local BJP leaders. On the day of the incident, Bajrang Dal got information about three youths being suspicious in the Garba pandal, after which the workers of the organization reached there and started questioning them. After this, as soon as he made his identity public, the crowd gathered there broke down on him. People ran and beat the three youths. Even their clothes were torn. The video of the incident is becoming quite viral on social media.

After receiving the news of the assault, the police also reached the spot, during which there was a fierce scuffle between the Bajrang Dal workers and the police. Then somehow the matter calmed down and the three Muslim youths were taken out from there.

Two youths who reached Garba Pandal were making videos of girls

Let us tell you that a similar case came to light from Indore yesterday i.e. on Sunday night. Where in Pandharinath area, Bajrang Dal workers caught two youths who arrived at a Garba pandal making videos of girls. When the workers asked him for ID cards, he could not tell. When asked the name, he started hesitant. After this, the Bajrang Dal workers called the police on suspicion. Then he gave information about himself. According to the Pandharinath police, both the Muslim youths are from Bihar and work here. Action is being taken by registering a case against both of them.

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