August 18, 2022
Panwari Case Verdict: The verdict on the famous Panwari case of Sikandra, 32 years of hearing, MLA Chaudhary Babulal acquitted

Panwari Case Verdict: The verdict has come on Sikandra’s famous Panwari case. After a trial that lasted for 32 years, the main accused in the case, sitting MLA Chaudhary Babulal, was given special judge MP. The MLA Court has acquitted. In the absence of evidence against the accused named in the case, the court has given this decision. MLA Chaudhary Babulal, who was acquitted from the case, has expressed his gratitude for the decision of the court.

this is the whole incident

Let us tell you that this incident is from the year 1990. On June 21, 1990, the procession of Mundra, daughter of Chokhelal of Scheduled Caste, had come from Gwalior Road Nagla to Panwari village. The processions were singing. The groom was getting ready to board the mare. Then a dispute started with the processions in the Jat-dominated village. The people of Jat community started protesting on the procession.

Things improved after 10 days of curfew

When there was a ruckus, on receiving the information, the police and administrative officials reached to help the processions. People from both sides came face to face. There was fierce beating, stone pelting, firing. Many people died in the riots. The police got helpless. In the end, the army took the lead and after a 10-day curfew, the situation improved.

Two accused have also died

The police filed a charge sheet in the case and since then the matter was sub-judice in the court. On 12 April 2006, Special Judge Janardan Goyal framed charges against the newly prime accused Veer Bahadur Singh Devi, Singh Babu Singh, Rawat Singh. Two of the accused have also died during the trial of the case.

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