October 3, 2022
Iran Hijab Row: Women religious leader Khamenei created a ruckus over hijab, women in Iran in a mood to cross

Iran Hijab Row: The issue of hijab in Iran is gaining momentum. Hijab is being strongly opposed in 12 cities of Iran. In the protests, 5 people have died due to police firing. More than 80 people have been injured. On September 16, 22-year-old Masha Amini died in police custody for not wearing a hijab, against which women are continuously agitating. Today again women came on the streets. After Kurdistan, these movements are taking place in Tehran, the capital of Iran. The agitating women and girls are also continuously opposing the classes going on in the university. The protesting women are demanding that the hijab should be made optional instead of compulsory. They say why should they be killed because of the hijab.

Slogans have been raised fiercely against the supreme leader of Islam religion Khamenei. This is the first time in Iran that the supreme leader of Islam is being opposed on such a large scale, because despite the democratic system in Iran, all important decisions are taken by Khamenei. Along with women and students, a large number of men are also participating in this protest.

Khamenei’s son is the mastermind of the hijab controversy

Iran affairs experts are speculating that the main mastermind of this protest is Mujtaba, son of Khamenei. Mujtaba is putting pressure on the police to be strict on hijab.

Know what is the hijab controversy

Shia-majority Iran is an Islamic nation, despite being a democracy, religious laws apply. Before the Islamic Revolution of 1979, women were enough. Where they had equal rights with men, but there later radical Islamic Sharia law was implemented. Women are also monitored in public places under Sharia law and strict punishment has been made for wrong behavior and rhetoric against Islam. Under Sharia law in Iran, women are forbidden to cover their hair and wear loose-fitting clothes. Strictest punishment and fine has been made for not following the rules and regulations.

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