December 1, 2022
Navratri 2022: Mother is happy by giving this gift to girls in Navratri, happiness and prosperity comes in the house

Navratri 2022: In Navratri, girls are considered as the form of Maa Durga. In such a situation, by worshiping the girl during Navratri and feeding the girls, Goddess Durga becomes pleased with her devotees. Along with giving food to the girls, the tradition of giving some gifts as a gift has been going on for centuries. It is believed in Hinduism that Maa Durga comes home in the form of little girls to bless her devotees. A day before the devotees give invitations to the girls. These little girls should be respectfully invited to their homes. Then after lovingly mingling the feet of the girls, after worshiping and adorning, food is served. After this, Dakshina and fruits are given to the girls by giving gifts. Let us tell you that by what gift or gift to the girls, Goddess Durga is pleased with her devotees.

Give this gift to girls in Navratri

red dress

Giving red clothes to girls in Navratri has special significance. Because red color is very dear to Maa Durga. In this, you can give red colored chunri to the girls as a gift. In Hinduism, the color red is considered a symbol of growth.

give fruits to girls

It is very beneficial to give a seasonal fruit after feeding the girls during Navratri. Therefore, it is necessary to give fruits to the girls. Therefore, banana and coconut are considered to be the most auspicious among fruits. It is believed that Lord Vishnu is very fond of Banana and Mother Lakshmi is very fond of Shriphal i.e. Coconut.


Girls should be given sweets in their meals. In this, if you want, you can feed sweets made from the market, otherwise you can feed homemade semolina or flour pudding to Goddess Durga by offering it. This strengthens your planet Jupiter.

ring material

After feeding the girls during Navratri, the items of adornment can also be given as a gift. It is believed that the adornment material given to the girls is directly accepted by the mother.


It is a belief that when the girls are sent off after having food, they are filled with coach in the farewell. Rice and jaggery are given in this coach. By doing this, there is an increase in wealth and food in your house.


There is a tradition of giving Dakshina to the girl child after feeding her in Navratri. Therefore, while sending off the girls, they should definitely give some money as dakshina. By doing this, the blessings of Mother Lakshmi always remain on you.

Apart from this, you can give utensils, pencil boxes, children’s purses, many toys, girls’ accessories etc. as a gift to the girls.

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