October 3, 2022
Broad Forehead: If you are troubled by a wide forehead, then make your face slim with these tips

Broad Forehead: Actually there are many types of face and forehead. Many women have a wide forehead, due to which their confidence decreases. In such a situation, what can not be done through makeup. Makeup and beauty products can enhance your look by reducing your broad forehead. In such a situation, let us know about some easy tips by which you can make your face look thinner:

Apply dark shade foundation (dark foundation for big forehead)

If you have a wide forehead and you want to make your forehead and face appear thinner, then apply dark shade foundation. Tell me this makeup trick will work great. If you want to cover your forehead, apply dark foundation on your face. Take a matte foundation 2 shades darker than your real skin tone and blend it well on your forehead. Use bronzer to make its effect look even better.

Dramatic Eye Makeup

If you have a big forehead, then you can use an attractive and bold eye makeup to take away the attention from it, so that the focus of your face is on your eyes. This way people’s attention will be diverted from your forehead. Apart from this, you can also give a smokey eye look to your eyes by smudging bold eyeshadow, this look never fails to attract others.

Bold lips for big forehead

Actually if you want an instant lift on your face, then the best option is to give a bold look to your lips. Apply a bright pink or coral lipstick to your lips. If you have a fair complexion, then a bold red lipstick would be a great option for you. With this trick, everyone’s attention will shift away from your forehead to your beautiful and bold lipstick. But keep in mind that the rest of the makeup on your face should be kept very less.

Go with Perfect Size for Eyebrow

Actually, if you want to hide your wide forehead or make it look smaller, then you should make your eyebrows in an angular shape. But keep in mind that thin eyebrows will make your face appear thicker as well as make your forehead appear bigger, so give it an arch and keep thick eyebrows.

Sharp jawline for broad forehead

In fact, thin cheeks help to draw attention to the center of your face, thereby taking the attention away from your forehead. So if you have a broad forehead, just use a bronzer powder that is 3 shades darker than your natural skin tone. Then apply it in the diagonal line from the center of your cheek towards the ear and then blend it well in the same direction. With this trick, you will get a sharp jawline and all the attention will be shifted from your forehead to your cheeks.

Don’t have a slick hairstyle

Actually a sleek straight hairstyle or ponytail gives a classy look but such hairstyles are not perfect for a girl with a wide forehead as this hairstyle works to make the forehead appear bigger. So if you want to make your face appear thinner and forehead smaller, then layer your hair or give a wavy look. Along with this, instead of middle parting, do side parting. Let the bangs and fringes hairstyle cover your forehead. Actually, apart from this, tell that women with big and wide forehead should not make sleek high ponytail.

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