October 5, 2022
Midnight Craving: If you are troubled by midnight cravings, then satisfy your hunger with these tasty food options

Midnight Cravings: The problem of midnight cravings is more in people who often stay up late at night. Let me tell you that midnight cravings are such a situation, due to which all of us have to be somewhere or the other. Well, you can call it both a problem or a hobby. If midnight cravings bother you too, then you must try these tasty food options. Let us know which are the best food for midnight cravings:

cream toast

Malai toast is the best option for midnight cravings. Actually, this quick and easy recipe requires only three ingredients, cream, sugar and bread. To make this, toast the bread slices until they are evenly crispy and brown. Then spread cream on the toasted bread. Now lastly, sprinkle some sugar granules and have tasty and yummy creamy toast is ready.

dry poha

Poha is a quick and easy recipe, most people like to have it during breakfast. However, if you have a problem with midnight cravings, then you can try dry poha. This is a tasty as well as healthy snack, in which you can also use things like peanuts. For this, put some oil in the pan and fry the poha in it. If you want, you can also add peanuts to it. Whenever you feel hungry at night, add finely chopped onions and tomatoes and add spices, you can remove your craving and enjoy.

Potato Toast

It takes very less time to make potato toast. Actually, the taste of very easy potato toast is also amazing. To make it, boil the potatoes in advance and if you feel hungry, mash the potatoes and add chopped onions to it. Now mix a little salt and pepper and roast it on the pan after filling it in the bread. Take your potato toast is ready.


The simplest food can’t be more than this. Popcorn turned out to be the best option for a packed food option and for midnight cravings. To make it, cut the packet, then open it and put it in the cooker. Popcorn will be ready in 2 minutes. Actually popcorn is the best option for midnight cravings.

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