September 30, 2022
How to Get Rid of Cockroach: Now get rid of cockroach and insects, follow these tricks

Cockroach Kaise Bhagye: In the rainy season, insects often start coming from the drains of the house. Such as from the bathroom drain, washwash drain or kitchen sink. In such a situation, the biggest problem is due to the removal of insects and insects from the kitchen sink. Because these insects come out of the sink and spoil the food items kept in the kitchen, then they climb on the utensils, due to which there is a fear of spreading many diseases. If these insects are not dealt with as soon as possible, then their number increases on sight. So let us tell you about some such things from which you will get rid of insects soon.

Eliminate insects like this from the kitchen sink

The first tip is that you can use hot water and vinegar.

In this trick, you have to take some hot water. In this water, you will have to mix approximately the amount of white vinegar water. Then mix it well. Now clean your kitchen slab with this and clean the kitchen top as well. Then after this, when there is no use of water in the sink at night, then pour this solution and leave it. This will kill the insects at night.

The second trick is that all we need is warm water, lemon and baking soda to remove insects from the kitchen sink. For this you have to take 1 liter of hot water. Add 1 lemon, 2 tbsp baking soda to it. Now mix the mixture well. Then put the drains in which you want to pour them.

The third trick is this in which you will need neem leaves. In this you will need some neem leaves. Keep these leaves in your kitchen. Or add neem oil. Your work will be done.

For the fourth trick, you will need boric acid and sugar. In this you take boric acid and sugar together. Now put it in those places where insects come out.

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