September 25, 2022
Exercise for Diabetes:: This is the best time to exercise to control diabetes.

Exercise for Diabetes: Diabetes is such a dangerous problem, which if left unchecked, invites many diseases. That’s why experts always recommend keeping diabetes under control. Explain that during type 2 diabetes, from diet to exercise, it is considered very important. Usually the problem of type 2 diabetes occurs due to obesity, poor lifestyle and wrong and unbalanced eating habits. In such a situation, if you are also a patient of diabetes, then you must exercise regularly. You can also use circadian rhythm for this.

So let’s know how it is helpful in maintaining blood sugar level:

Doctors also recommend a proper diet and exercise to avoid complications due to diabetes. Apart from this, treatments like medication and insulin therapy are also resorted to.

Benefits of exercising in diabetes

Diabetic patients are advised to exercise regularly. Due to which the sugar level also remains under control. Let us tell you that there are many types of health benefits obtained by diabetic patients by exercising daily. These include helping to control weight, balancing blood pressure, reducing bad cholesterol, beneficial in promoting good cholesterol, strengthening muscles and bones, and reducing anxiety.

Countless benefits of exercising for a diabetic patient

Exercising regularly daily helps in lowering the blood glucose level. Apart from this, exercise also increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin. Explain that it is also easier to combat insulin resistance with exercise.

exercise for diabetic patient

According to a recent research report, all types of exercise can be beneficial for the patient of diabetes. If you want, you can also include aerobic, resistance, or both types of exercise in your routine. It is noteworthy that in diabetic patients, this exercise also works to reduce HbA1c.

Aerobic and resistance exercise – both of which have been shown to help reduce insulin resistance in obese as well as sedentary older people. According to experts, to get more benefit from these two exercises can also be done together.

exercise has a positive effect

According to the report, if diabetic patients walk for two hours a week. So their risk of death due to heart disease may also be reduced. On the other hand, people suffering from type 2 diabetes, if they exercise for three to four hours a week. So they also reduce their risk of death.

What is the right time for exercise to control diabetes

Explain that exercising in the afternoon is beneficial to control blood sugar. According to the study, if patients with type 2 diabetes do high-intensity workouts in the afternoon, then their blood sugar level remains balanced. Instead of those who do morning workouts. Negative effects on glucose levels have been seen after doing high-intensity workouts in the morning.

Keep these things in mind while exercising

If you take insulin and you have worked out a lot, you may develop hypoglycaemia levels after 6 to 12 hours. In such a situation, be sure to check your blood sugar level. Let us tell you that if your blood sugar level is high or more than 250, then avoid exercising. Because exercising can also raise blood sugar levels. According to experts, patients taking insulin should always wear a medical earlet bracelet on their arm. So that the blood sugar level can be easily tracked. Apart from this, do not forget to keep sweet glucose tablets while going on a walk or during exercise. So that if your blood sugar level drops then you can take them easily.

Take special care that you can stay healthy by choosing a right lifestyle along with getting your diabetes checked from time to time.

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