October 3, 2022
To reduce hair fall, include these 4 foods rich in protein in the diet

It is also very important to take a healthy diet to nourish the hair deeply. You can also include many types of foods rich in protein in the diet. This will help in making the hair thick and strong.

To reduce hair fall, include these 4 foods rich in protein in the diet

Protein rich foods

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Many people are troubled by the problem of hair fall. This can be due to poor lifestyle, pollution and use of chemical-rich products. In such a situation, it is very important to take a healthy and balanced diet to reduce hair fall. rich in protein Foods It is very important to include it in the diet. They work to nourish the hair deeply. They reduce hair fall. Apart from this, they also bring many other benefits to health. Let’s know which foods you can include in the diet.


Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids. It is rich in protein. It helps in preventing hair fall. It is an excellent source of protein. It nourishes the hair follicles. It makes the roots strong. This makes the hair healthy and thick. Apart from this, it contains nutrients like vitamins A, K, D and E. Fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids are very beneficial for hair. This includes fish like mackerel and salmon.

milk and eggs

Milk, yogurt and eggs are good sources of protein. Consuming them regularly can reduce hair fall significantly. They are rich in nutrients like iron, vitamin B-12, fatty acids and protein. It makes the hair roots strong. It prevents hair thinning. Eggs contain biotin. This is very important for hair growth. Hair loss occurs due to iron deficiency. These foods make hair strong and help in faster growth.


Lentils are also very beneficial to prevent hair fall. They contain nutrients like zinc, fiber, iron, folic acid and magnesium. Folic acid is high in lentils. It reduces hair breakage. It makes hair thick and strong. It improves blood circulation in the scalp. It helps in keeping the hair healthy.

Soy Foods

Soy foods are one of the best protein sources. This includes soy milk, tofu and soybeans etc. They reduce hair fall. They contain nutrients like protein, iron, zinc and folate. It helps to grow hair faster.

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