October 3, 2022
Home Remedies: Try these home remedies to remove body swelling

Inflammation can occur in any part of the body. Most people complain of excessive swelling in the hands and feet. Today we are going to tell you such home tips, which are beneficial for both swelling and pain.

Home Remedies: Try these home remedies to remove body swelling

With home remedies, you can reduce the swelling in the body.

When there is swelling in the body, its first effect is seen on our hands and feet. There can be different reasons for swelling on the body. We are most prone to inflammation home remedies pay attention to. Massage oil on the inflamed area. But sometimes this recipe of ours does not work. But through this report, we will tell you about such medicinal properties, home remedies, which will not only reduce your pain but will also give fast relief in inflammation.


Tulsi is considered very beneficial for inflammation. Anyway, Tulsi has medicinal status. Tulsi is also advised to be consumed in pain in the throat or nose. In this way, even when there is a problem like swelling in your body, you can consume basil. You can prepare and drink tea made from basil leaves, which is beneficial in inflammation.


Turmeric also protects us from infection. Turmeric has been used for centuries to relieve inflammation and pain. In case of swelling in the body, prepare a paste by mixing turmeric in two spoons of sesame oil. Afterwards, massage the swollen area with this paste. It provides benefits in both pain and inflammation. Apart from this, turmeric milk can also be used.


Nutmeg is also considered very beneficial for swelling of hands or feet. You do not have to eat nutmeg in swelling, but you have to apply it. The vitamins and minerals present in it pull the pain away. To apply it, grind nutmeg with water and extract its juice. Apply it on the affected area and massage it. You will get a lot of benefit from this.


Garlic also has many health benefits for you. Garlic is rich in diallyl disulfide. Which is a natural compound, which has anti-inflammatory properties. You can use garlic in your daily diet.

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