August 15, 2022
Sex Life Tips: Know How Much Has Changed In The Last 50 Years The Style Of Having Sex

How to improve sex life: In today’s time, there has been a lot of change in the way of having sex. Along with technology, sex life has also changed a lot in the last 50 years. 50 years ago, where there was not much internet facility, due to which people did not even know much about sex. But now most of the people want to get information related to sex from internet and want to try it in their life.

In fact, 50 years ago, sex was considered a very private matter between two people. Talking about which was considered wrong. But now that era has changed, now people have started talking about sex. Tell that India, the land from where the famous erotic book of love, Kamasutra was born. But it was considered a great shame for women to talk about sex. But now these things have changed.

anu But things are no longer the same as before. Women have started expressing their wishes. Now with sex toys and vibrators, both women and men have begun to lay out their perspectives on how sex should be enjoyed. Women are now starting to like dirty, sweet talk to their partners while expressing sensual desires. Men are also expressing their desire according to their need in sexual relations. People no longer like to be forced into a relationship to enjoy sex.

Now men or women are coming out with their sexuality and wanting to know more about sex. Sex has changed a lot in the last 50 years. It is not only that teenagers or young people are trying to bring about sex change, but older generation people are also moving towards accepting sex as a natural desire.

Let us tell you that parents are no longer trying to silence their children from talking about sex, but are encouraging them to use protection for safe sex. Provides sex-related information to children. While there is still a large part of the population which has not accepted this broad mindset till now. It is not only in India but in the whole world which has never come forward with the idea of ​​openly accepting sex.

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