October 4, 2022
Gud ki Chutney Recipe: Have you eaten jaggery chutney, how to make jaggery chutney at home

Gud ki Chutney Recipe: Jaggery is very beneficial for health. Also, eating jaggery is very tasty. If you love to eat jaggery, then you can make spicy chutney of jaggery at home. Although jaggery and tamarind chutney is also made in weddings, but have you eaten only jaggery chutney without tamarind? If you have not eaten, then we are telling you the recipe of making this spicy chutney of jaggery. Let’s follow these steps and consume the spicy chutney of jaggery:

Ingredients for making Jaggery Chutney

100 grams jaggery

half kilo tomatoes

1 teaspoon oil

half teaspoon turmeric

tsp red chili powder

half teaspoon vinegar

tsp chaat masala

according to quantity black pepper powder

salt as per taste

Method or method of making jaggery chutney

To make Jaggery Chutney, first wash and dry the tomatoes thoroughly.

Now grind the black pepper well and keep it.

Then cut the tomatoes into small pieces and grind them well in a mixer.

Now take a pan and put it on low flame and put oil in it and heat the oil.

Then when the oil is hot enough, add tomato paste to it.

Cook the tomatoes like this for about 5 to 6 minutes.

Now add half a teaspoon of turmeric, a little red chili, ground black pepper and salt to this paste and mix it well.

Now leave all the spices to cook on low flame for some time.

When the paste becomes thick, then add jaggery to it and keep stirring for some time.

When the jaggery melts well, add a little water to it and stir it.

Now when it is ready after cooking well, then put a small spoon of vinegar in it and after cooking for a while, turn off the gas.

Take your tasty and delicious sour-sweet chutney with jaggery and tomato is ready. You can eat it with any dish. But if you can eat this chutney with paratha or any other snacks like pani puri, tikki, chaat or bhel. Let me tell you you will really like this chutney.

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