October 4, 2022
Smartphone Measure Blood Oxygen Level: Now you will be able to measure oxygen in blood with smartphone’s camera

Blood Oxygen Level saturation by age : Sometimes in case of high-blood pressure or low blood pressure, patients rush to the hospital immediately, but if there is such a machine at home, then the pressure of high-low blood pressure is detected immediately by measuring and at home itself. The patient gets treated in time. In such a situation, whenever there is a problem of low oxygen in the blood, even then immediately rush to the doctor with the patient, due to which you get very upset in all this, as well as your time and money both go best. .

In such a situation, now experts are doing a research by which the oxygen level of the patient’s blood can be measured in just a few seconds. Yes, experts are trying to figure out some new tricks with the help of smartphone’s camera and flash.

Experts have done a proof-of-principle study about this. In studying this theory, they used a smartphone camera and its flash module to measure people’s blood oxygen saturation levels.

By doing this, according to experts, the blood oxygen saturation level can be reduced by up to 70 percent using the smartphone’s camera and flash module. But experts are still inventing the trick of smartphone and blood oxygen level. But it is being told that soon you will be able to measure your blood oxygen level at your home. This trick will be very easy.

According to reports from the sources, the proof-of-principle study conducted by experts from the University of Washington and University of California San Diego has been published in the journal NPJ Digital Medicine. On this, experts have currently applied for a patent for this technology.

Hoffman, a doctoral student at the University of Washington, involved in this research, told about the research that in the early 2020s there were some apps on the App Store, which made this work possible. But at this time due to some technical flaws, they were removed from the App Store.

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